New geothermal power generation


Geothermal power generation uses heat from the earth, or geothermal, and converts the heat of steam or hot water to electricity by using turbines and generators.
There are three types of geothermal power plants, such as Dry steam plants, Flash steam plants and Binary cycle power plants depending on the quality and temperature of steam. GPE carries out power generation facilities using heat recovered from cooling prcess to adjust the springhead temperatures to appropriate temperatures of existing hot springs.
Though conventionally used binary cycle plants offer sound performance, they have a weak point of scaling, deposition of the scale originating in spring components. To prevent scaling solidly hardened on the turbine, the guts of the power generation system, the conventional plants have complicated mechanisms and increased space of the installation area. This increases the initial costs and maintenance costs of the system.
GPE adopts an unique and simple, inexpensive system in which the scale is not easily generated by using 110℃ spring source temperature. This decreases the initial cost and maintenance cost of the system. The system can be applied to existing hot spring wells when the spring source temperature conditions are appropriate.
GPE has realized low cost and low efficiency systems instead of expensive and high efficiency ones produced by large companies.

Demonstration plant