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GPE contributes to global environment preservation


responding to the request of customers in various fields.

Though the global rnvironment preservation is demanded loudly these days, the improvement on the current situation is tardy. To respond to the situation GPE set the company's management principles to establish an engineering company and to create differnt facilities in the best matching to realize environment preservation, efficient utilization of unused and renewable energy and environmental harmony. The engineering works are executed by a team consisting of experienced engineers in the fields of oil. gas, chemical and industrial facilities.



Woody biomass gasification power generation

500-2,000kW power generation process, originally made by GPE. As the gas engine is diverted from a automobile engine, a technician in engine maintenance is not necessary.

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New geothermal power generation

Small scale generation system utilizing an artesian hot spring. The system is based on a design concept, "Simple is best".

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Processor for Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

This technology is a high temperature processing system of flue gases containing VOC and different rarefied flue gases and consequently balances both reducing CO2 emissions and saving energy.

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