Our intention is to walk
towards the future with Hospitality.

My Interests from Early Childhood

Ever since an early stage of my life, when our country was still recovering from damages of the second world war, I have maintained a strong interest in matters related to the provision of energy to our nation. I can still recall the anxiety and fear I had felt when we were taught in our school room that petroleum resources would run out in 30 years. Although this was not exactly correct, it did engrave on me the reality that there is indeed a limit to our natural energy resources, such as petroleum. Such an experience had led me to often wonder about the possibility of converting wastes and unused matters to some form of energy resource. Those thoughts have most probably been the roots of my current interests in renewable energy.

The reason for establishing GPE

In my previous career, my job was to offer engineering solutions to the treatment of gases released from the chemical plants of our clients. However, my solutions would always include additional recommendations for;

1) returning the treated gases as raw materials
2) new facilities that would allow the reuse of auxiliary materials after reclamation
3) the conversion of waste materials and off-spec products to fuel
4) facilities to regenerate waste fluids recovered from process plant etc.

In retrospect, I have been spending more time trying to engineer facilities to regenerate and recycle used matters than in engineering production facilities. Unfortunately, my previous employer was a huge organization, I was not able to spend as much time as I would have liked on small regeneration and recycling projects worth only a few hundred million yen.
For more than 15 years, I had always believed that the concept of “Local production for local consumption” has a rightful application in the energy industry. Thus, on approaching the age of 50, and having consulted and obtaining the support of my colleagues, friends and acquaintances, I have embarked on the Establishment of GPE.


Currently the scope of work that we involve ourselves in, are mainly in the field of waste gas treatment facilities for chemical plants, Geo-thermal power generation and Bio-mass power generation. We consider our mission to be the proposal of the optimum facilities to realize and satisfy the needs of the customer. We also intend to utilize the knowhow cultivated by our highly experienced engineers to provide the customers with the engineering required for them to start a new venture in accordance with the customers’ requirements.


I would like to introduce you to one of our main businesses.
Currently the Japanese government is promoting the construction of Bio-mass Power Generation Plants by strengthening their surplus power purchasing system. The Government considers that Bio-Mass Power Generation is one of the effective Carbon Neutral Energy Resources and that they can be considered as a strong contender for solving the global warming issue. Already, local authorities are planning more than 100 of such power plants to be constructed within Japan. The concept of “Bio-Mass Generated Gas Power Generation, utilizing multi-fuel rotary engines” which we have been promoting is ideal for such needs. This is exactly in line with the plan of the Government to “promote local economy and to activate the local industry” and is also in line with my thinking 15 years ago to promote “Local Production for Local Consumption.

Our Sustainable Concept

We intend to continue our comprehensive support to the customer through “Engineering Close to the Client” and Hospitality. By doing so with our highly specific engineering expertise we are looking forward to a sustainable growth of our company in the future.