Woody biomass gasification power generation


What is woody biomass gasification generation?

It uses biomass consisting of wood, renewable and organic resources derived from biology.
Woody biomass includes lumbers from forest thinning, pruned brunches from orchards and parks, and saw dust and shavings from sawmill, etc.
GPE deals in electricity generation facilities which use these woody biomass as the feedstock for the gasification process followed by an engine system.
The process starts from thermal cracking of woody biomass not by combustion. The cracked gas containes a lot of tars and they deposite on the plant equipment which cause closure and failure of process equipment. The tars are refomed to produce clean reformed gas and the gas is supplied to a rotary engine to generate electricity.
The system secondarily generates hot water. The hot water and electricity are utilized as needed.

"Biomass" consists of two words of bio and mass. Bio means bioresources and mass means quantity of resources. Biomass is called as renewable and organic resources derived from biology. Among them biomass derived from wood is called woody biomass.

Woody biomass observed by eye

Some examples of woody biomass

Lumber from thinning

During growing process of forest the lumbers are generated by thinning out standing timbers of the dense forest.

Pruned branch

The branches are pruned chips which are generated from cutting and evening up of branches for growth of trees and management of the tree form.

Woody chip

The chips are generated by chipping thinned wood by chipping machine.


Bark means skin of trees.